Top Reasons Why Vehicle and Fleet Wraps are a Great Investment for Your Business

We’re living in an increasingly mobile society. The average American drives about 13,476 miles per year, with about 222 million Americans possessing a valid driver’s license. These numbers can add up to some serious exposure on the road if you’ve invested in fleet wraps for your business vehicles. 

By definition, vehicle wraps are a form of digital printing specifically made to fit your car. These wraps can be customized to include your company logo, colors, and contact information to make your vehicle truly stand out. And if you ever decide to update your logo or change your name, the wraps can be easily removed so you can start fresh.

Chances are, you’ve spotted a nicely wrapped vehicle on the road on more than one occasion, and the practice is only growing. This mobile signage goes everywhere you do, advertising your business with every mile you drive.  Consider these three key benefits of investing in vehicle wraps—it might be the best marketing decision you’ve made yet:

1. Small Cost Per Impression

In terms of cost per impression, no other printed medium can compare. On average, a branded vehicle can earn anywhere from 30,000 to 70,000 impressions per day—about 2.5 times more than a static billboard.

When you’re on the road, other drivers and pedestrians can’t help but notice your professional fleet wrap. The eye-catching designs command attention, whether you’re driving on a highway or parked at a store or restaurant. Think about it: more people are likely to notice your vehicle compared to a print ad or digital pop up ad because drivers can’t avert their eyes while on the road, which can help you build your brand and top-of-mind awareness everywhere you go.

2. Make Your Business Look Big

Fleet wraps look expensive and are often used by some of the biggest brands in the world. But that doesn’t mean they’re solely reserved for corporations. In fact, your vehicle wraps can make your business look bigger than it really is since most people associate branded cars with large, successful companies.

3. Establish a Strong Local Presence

If your business’s survival depends on the local market, branded vehicle wraps make an effective addition to your marketing mix. Especially if you’re a new business, locals can get to know your brand simply by seeing you on the road.

Wraps make your vehicle instantly recognizable. The more people see your vehicle out and about, the more successful you look in the process. People will think other locals are already using your service, which can help you build a higher level of credibility by doing nothing more than driving.

How Will Your Business Thrive with Custom Vehicle Wraps?

Custom fleet wraps serve a variety of purposes for small businesses and large corporations alike. Your image is your reputation, so make sure that both can earn the attention they deserve. Learn more about our wide and large format digital printing for vehicles and how Yotta Sky can help take your business to new heights!